Living inside Squares

Or the square sheet point of view

A Pixelated Life

Eintein’s Relativity Theory

Bear with me I can explain this.

The daring sensation of being in front of a blank page is difficult, yes it’s known. But the daring sensation of being in front of a square sheet is worst, believe me. This is one of the first experiences at school. Just to know that inside each little square can be a symbol an intelligible one, yes, well.

So the first one, simple, it’s just a stick great, the two, what? It’s like a little duck they say, the three, a worm, ok, the four, chair? Upside down? The five a belly with a hat, the six a belly only, no hat, and so on.

Then they write 2+2=? Two ducks, with other two, well, a bunch of ducks.

Then later on you get into coordinates, longitude and latitude, letters are not just for writing words, they also get into algebra equations, and get full mathematical formulas. When this happened?

And much later let me tell you, trying to understand how global GPS work, simple triangulation, well space imagery, the universe and beyond.

At some point in my life I finally got in love with squares, yes, can you believe it?

I learned to embroider tapestries, the colorful yarn woven onto a Caneva fabric, a characteristic squared woven fabric. Imagine needing to fill slots or cells with different colors to create a big image. Well I made lots of them, didn’t know exactly what they were good for, but enjoyed so much making them.

I then studied Social Sciences, far, far away from numbers, well I hated statistics, a must course. Life is not perfect.

Worked later in graphic design, you know as I just said, life is not perfect. Mostly computerized graphic design, the scanned images turn into pixels once inside the computer, you know, so once again as my irrefutable destiny, I got myself into a page full of squares, colorful as I may like, but difficult to manage, was not like cross stitch or needle point any more.

And the worst of the worst, yes pixels must turn into vectors to get into the cutting program of the electronic cutter, yes, very funny. There was no rendering algorithm, nope, I don’t know if they have found one, I just see everybody rendering designs into Adobe Illustrator and correcting here and there any mistakes before getting it into the cutting program.

In short, you need to redesign your image, icon, logo, or whatever you have to trans from pixels to vectors.

We live in a 3D world with three dimensions: longitude, altitude, and depth, designs are 2D grids, well now there are programs that simulate 3D, but they don’t come out of your screen, like a hologram, still, some can do it, I don’t have these technology at home. I would like to have a 3D printer thou, must be fun.

But my point is, that we graphic designers, digital artist and artists in general, mostly create in 2D and by highlights and shadows try to make it look like the design has depth, we trick the eye so it believes the object is tangible and exists.

I love CGI. But as I said, it’s just a trick, because when it comes to the everyday life it’s just 3D existence, and then we confront problem solving, bank accounts and debt. Duality is there all the time, a three dimensional life with 2D problems, yes or no, the extreme duality, black and white, do something or stay in bed all day?

So once again two squares in front of me, on-off, on-off what to do? And then the explanation, digital 0 and 1. I wish I had paid more attention in computer and programing class back then, when computers where university property and to log in I had to call the control room and tell them to please log in my computer number #.

Now we have quantum computers and well, they work with not just 0s or 1s they work with a bunch of them, but steel the program is a quantic square sheet. 2D grid, Isn’t it?

Our life is three dimensional, some argument there is a fourth and fifth dimension, they believe they live there, If String Theory is wright, there are eleven dimensions or more, but wait, have you seen a diagram of those dimensions, well, they are square sheets or circles maybe, 2D grids one over the other, a bunch of square sheets.

And have you seen Einstein’s diagram of space, yep, a universal square sheet, you can fold it and travel through time and space, but still a square sheet.

Seems this pixelated world is everywhere, they ask themselves, are we in a computer program universe? Just read Simulacra and Simulation, it’s all there from The Matrix to the quantum computer infinite dimensionality.

It’s the pixel perfection that creates perfect designs, the definition of an image is determined by the DPI content, this means dots per inch, or in my simple speech, stitches per inch, as in embroidery you count stitches into every slot of the fabric, to know the thickness of a fabric you count strings into microns.

At some point I’m glad my world is a square sheet, and when I have things to do, no matter 2D or 3D living, I’m happy. The daring problem comes when there are no possibilities ahead, or I don’t see them, when my sheet is white blank, no squares, not a single thing. I’ve been there, no creativity, no imagination, and no future, nothing to live for. Yes then I prefer a square sheet with exact lines, yes or no answers, open paths for creativity. And more.

So try looking into the sun for some seconds, then you will perceive your pixelated world. Have fun enjoy.

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