My Antique Portable Typewriter

I don’t know the exact model, I suppose it is close to 1930-1935 or less. I still need to find the serial number, if it still has one.

It is the laptop of it’s time. So I said when at the airport they asked me what it was, and they asked me, then, to open the case. The problem was, I needed a metal or plastic pin because I had no key for the case to open. The inspectors just went on with their activities and ignored me in my difficult situation.

Finally I found the cap of a “bic” pen inside my handbag, and opened the case with its side pin. Suddenly the place got full of people looking at the typewriter, not believing their eyes. Me? I just wanted to get in time to my next flight.

I simply love this typewriter, it works perfectly, all the keys print clear and strong, everything is in it’s original state, I will not sell it, never.

I identify myself so much with Violet Evergarden, the first time I saw her typing I had the sensation in my fingers, and yes, after long hours of typing your finger tips hurt.

I love everything related to old printing, books, art, libraries, bookstores.

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