NFTs Are Art Yep Nah

We came a long way in the arts, we end up in what I define as a king chimp eating a slice of pizza, and is bored. Well done.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series valued 452,000 dollars right now.

From the innocent cartoony CryptoKitties to the super-cartoon NFTs. Well, there are more art-ish NFT somewhere I’m sure. And they are expensive not just to mint, but to buy. The question here is, are they considered art? Well who cares!!!!

More than that, there are NFT that are not related to digital art, maybe your math test, mint it, maybe you will turn millionaire. Or Beatles memorabilia sold as NFT, who knows.

Now companies are making their NFTs, games also on NFTs and more. It all depends on the traders, how much they want to spend on art, non-fungibles, non-art.

Follow NFTs as wearables for your NFT avatar .

So get your wallet ready to use your crypto and tokens. Get ready to show your last purchased wearable inside a metaverse event. Good luck.

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