When NFT Collections Come Marching In

The Bored Apes used as avatars by Yuga Labs cofounders Wylie Aronow (fka Gordon Goner) and Greg Solano (fka Gargamel). Courtesy of Twitter.
Bored Apes

NFT art, for me, means the Next Future Thing.

Some of them sell at Sotheby’s, others at Christie’s the expensive ones, I mean. NFT’s represent ownership over digital art, series, and collectibles, defined as commerce digital goods. The terms digital goods, digital media, and digital files is important here.

To understand the money that goes into it, you need to dive into Digital Wallets, Crypto Currencies and Blockchain database.

The origin of a digital art NFT, is mostly shuffled by an algorithm, playing with combinations and permutations of established elements, to create variations on a basic image, that is why you can develop a NFT collection in the process of hours or days mostly.

Create a basic image like a wolf, and accessorize it with what ever you want, everything set on different layers, feed it to the algorithm and voila, you got it. Mint it, on any platform, turn your media file into a non-fungible-token, giving it uniqueness, then, set your crypto price and you are a king, …or a bored ape, or a corgi with a hat, or a cute cat with sunshades, or a punk, a crypto one, whatever.

We assume here, that NFTs are art, or at least I think so, we’ve discussed the item on another post (I will not bore you with a link here, at the bottom, on “links” you will find it).

So like any kind of art, as long as you like it, and you want to invest in it, everything is great, Visa did it. You can get a doodle, some pixels, or cactuses, it does not matter as long as you like them and want to spend some coins on them.

Sooo what to choose? the world of NFTs is an …open sea for you to explore. Look just for: Kings NFTs. Apes, if they are bored, it’s better. Corgis, like the queen’s or better ones. Wolves, the cool ones. Pixel art, look for the crazier ones. Aliens, wow. Cute cats also. Childish Doodles maybe. Bears are fine too. Skulls, the cooler the better. Space Monkeys, out of this world, and Monsters, lots of them.

There are more than you can imagine and you can navigate this NFTs with your virtual wallet at hand, enjoy the drive, look out for the gas fees, and just don’t lose yourself inside.

Definition: Token=Digital Media (digital files, digital goods).

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the theme, this post may have errors, be kind to read the links underneath and inform yourself.



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