Pikachu and 3D Rendering Engines

Pikachu 3D

awwww…I want a Pikachu plush that talks and is cute!!!

Remember when rendering a pixelated image into vectors was difficult? Takes you months to master a 3D rendering program? It is time consuming to make 2D images and to make them into 3D more.

But wait, here’s the solution, just look for 3D model platforms and search for the image you want, in the format you need, a quick download, and there you are. Or render your model online. There are some platforms that have automated rendering and do it for free.

Also with this rendering engines, you can personalize your model, enhance it with immersive, AR features and VR. Some of this platforms give you also, 3D animation features. All of them easy to share and embed.

For bigger projects there are rendering companies with expensive software.

Some of the programs you can use : Blender, Wings 3D, Free Cad, Houdini Apprentice and much more.

Be creative!!!!

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