Speaking of AI Art Generator

Can you spot the difference?? The lower one was made mixing to images, one was a base of juicy oranges, the other an image from Tatsu dessert, from the Househusband series, with the AI help we got a beautiful mix.

This took me 1 minute. It’s fun. But… can there be AI art? can AI generated art be considered as so? or is it design at another level? Who sets the norms, does art exist or everything is design at different levels? Does AI uses only an army of color pixels, a computer screen with their pixelated bodies and that is all? Does it know about pastels, lighting, and composition?

With the help of this generators, you can get a full spread of NFTs in some minutes. No more hours in front of your design pad, free at last.

For the images above I used the wonderful…

DeepDream generator

And my try with…was great

AI Art Tokio the original, my toonme image, the second AI Art Tokyo generated, I really love it.

For long posts I use Rytr AI makes easier writing.

Also Hotpot.ai is of great help.

I asked for, an illustration with vibrant colors of spring flowers, in the style of Japanese anime. Isn’t it beautiful !!!!

Sooooo if it’s art, or no, whatever. Museums will be full of AI art and you will pay to see it. Or buy it, or mint it, or sell it for crypto who knows.

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