Bubbles as a Magical Girl

Do yo want to know what is your magical girl color, attack name, weapon, mascot and outfit like? Let’s find out! go here it is fun!!!

Here are my results : bubbles is a brown Magical Girl with the power of Gems and Teleportation! bubbles uses a/an Bat with nails and attack name is Amazing Wind! bubbles has a idol mascot that is brown. bubbles‘s outfit also has an accessory that allows bubbles to fly! So cool!

Look!! my magical weapon: This weapon is a long scepter with a gold shaft. It is designed with a stone/squirrel/vine motif and is topped with an intricate head.

Get your magical weapon here

Magical girls, (Maho Shoujo) are young girls who possess magical abilities, which they typically use through an ideal alter ego into which they can transform. And who are granted special items that allow them to transform into legendary warriors. Some examples of magical girls are: Sailor Moon characters, Puella Magi-Madoka Magica, Pretty Cure (Precure), Power Puff Girls, Mews. And so much more.

Also there are lots of Magical Girl Avatar Maker apps, try them, some are free to use, and Magical Girl Dress Up Games.

Just have fun!!!!!!

Published by bubbles

Graphic Design, Digital Art, Clipart, Manga, Anime,Fanart

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