Hello Kitty Dance

Fanart Hi there, I just want to show you what came out of my rotoscope style effect, try at procreate, it isn’t rotoscope at all hahaha, but something came out of a few hours of design. A Hello Kitty and plush bear fun and crazy dance. With this you also can have what my AIContinue reading “Hello Kitty Dance”

Pacific Rim: The Black

Australia, totally evacuated except Taylor and Hayley and a robot Jaeger to pilot, to fight the deadly Kaiju. Awesome anime series, worth watching, the robot Atlas Destroyer, is cool, the animation, the best it can be. To get you on the mood, some Kaiju anatomy sketches I found. Open the link you’ll find great imagesContinue reading “Pacific Rim: The Black”

Meet the VTubers

Usada Pekora Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. Today I want to talk about this phenomenon called VTubers, I wish I could be one, although I’m still in the designing stage, long hours of design, wait ahead. But lets see some of the VTubers out there. What a VTuber is: So, are you numbered withContinue reading “Meet the VTubers”

Weathering With You

Weathering With You. Tell me why I haven’t seen this beauty. Music by Radwimps. Romantic fantasy film, from 2019, Inspiring animation, graphics and design, but, only available in Net..ix Australia, Philippines and South Korea. What!? Well, you can use VPN services…what!? Ok I’ll wait 5 years or more to see it on VOD if I’mContinue reading “Weathering With You”

Bubble Anime Film with Music by Eve

2022, anime, bubble, series, trailer :anime, bubble, series, trailerEditBubble Anime Series Trailer What you should be watching next. Highly recommended. Incredible animation film, breath taking artwork. Beautiful story telling. You will really love it. And music by Eve, even better. “The film will first have early screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2022.[1] It will then be followed by its worldwide release on Netflix inContinue reading “Bubble Anime Film with Music by Eve”

AI Generated Art

The prompt for this work was “Alice in Wonderland colorful” and colorful indeed, it looks much like, to my imagination, she is walking on the road to Wonderland. Done in AI Art Generator NightCafe Creator in seconds Does VQGAN+Clip say something to you? “Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network and Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training” wow this sounds like heavyContinue reading “AI Generated Art”