NFT’s and the Virtual Metaverse Space Galaxy Exploration

Games and Projects.

From CryptoKitties, to Space !!!! All projects are based on blockchain technology.

Axie Infinity The graphics are so cute!!! I want to collect and trade all the Axies now. Monster breeding and generations creating creatures, fun game.

Dark Eye Project. It is the launching of multiple NFT collections, and machines on Ethereum, to form a DEYE universe with a DEYE token

Black Eye Galaxy “A cross-chain virtual space metaverse! Buy planets, spaceships, mine resources, explore the galaxy for new star systems!”

Illuvium “Explore 7 dazzling alien landscapes and uncover the cataclysmic events that shattered Illuvium.” Merge Illuvials, have fun.

The Sandbox Sandbox Metaverse, choose your avatar. Create your very own land. Buy NFTs and much more.

Gods Unchained Magic Card game

Get your crypto wallet ready, this time, it will be out of this world.

Note (my own personal opinion): We can imagine ourselves conquering the universe, and investing tokens on far virtual lands, but also remember that our world, the physical land, where we live and raise our children, still relies on fossil fuel consumption to generate electricity. This is material for another time, by now…

Educate yourself:

Bytcoin Energy Consumption

Crypto Energy Consumption

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