The Battle for the Pixel

Yayyyyy I got my trophies: Final Canvas and First Placer, been there.

Or Reddit Place Event.

It’s a Reddit experiment named “Place”, (for who that maybe was in another planet this days) consisting of a blank canvas with infinite pixels to create, and be creative. The catch, you may ask, well, you have to wait 5 minutes to set your next pixel, in that time someone may decide to change your idea and set a new pixel over yours.

So to get an image done in a respectable time, you need a team of people working over the same image, setting pixels at different times, but organized on a certain way, so one understands what the other is doing.

Add lack of space different ideas, ideologies and political issues too. Very fast you are recruited in a battle for the next pixel.

Sorry for this blurred image, but maybe you can see the Israel flag in the center, you will understand why we got into a pixel battle, the star of David was constantly erased, yeap.

As some of you may know, I live in Israel, and it was important for me and many others, not just Israeli or Jewish people, to have the flag displayed in this great project. We worked as a team, and thanx to whom ever they may be, good job.

So just to give it form was difficult, and then to maintain it untouched was a real effort. There where some minutes of peace where you thought you got it done, and then you start pixelling like furious again.

On the left, the Star of David, on the center, Megaman, on the right, in Hebrew, “Am Israel Jai” meaning, Israel Lives, and a candlestick, the menorah.

It was an exhausting experience I have to confess, in the five minute lapses I did house chores, and many more, was not easy, but, I hope they make it an annual project, I will enjoy it very much, there where beautiful designs and ideas, good for Reddit.

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