Meet the VTubers

Usada Pekora

Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. Today I want to talk about this phenomenon called VTubers, I wish I could be one, although I’m still in the designing stage, long hours of design, wait ahead. But lets see some of the VTubers out there.

Finana Ryugu

What a VTuber is:

So, are you numbered with the few who still don’t get what a VTuber is?  It “is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics and real-time motion capture software or technology. A digital trend that originated in Japan in the mid-2010s and, since the early 2020s, has become an international online phenomenon”

The Vtubers upload videos on a regular basis or go “live” online, their followers want to watch more personal videos each time, they want to know them better and a live session can extend for hours, mainly when showing how the host is playing a videogame. It is a completely different experience and a long distance from traditional video streaming. Also most of the times the chat is open for the viewers to share opinions in real life too.

Gawr Gura
Shishiro Botan

They all are very cute and fun.

Aki Rosenthal

Hololive is the Place

Hololive, The virtual talent agency for the streaming of VTubers. There are lots of Hololive idols, internet stars to chose to chose from. They revolutionize each day the way we use the media of entertainment.

Takanashi Kiara

They have styles and personalities to chose from too, find your VTuber. Have fun!!!!!!

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