My AI Portraits Gallery

My Gallery

The first one, a simple “Toon Me” portrait, you may have it on your phone, so simple and so popular.

The second, a curious blend between “Toon Me” and “Go Art NFT Creator. I love it so much!!!

The third portrait, soooo creepy, is from “Hot Pot” I prompted a Disney Princess and well, here we go. It really depends on the art style you choose. As they say, it helps personalize your art, sometimes the AI is inspired and goes too far. It’s a fun site, let me tell you, this AI artist is really exceptional, sometimes weird, but lets face it, it’s just AI.

This one, so artistic, I really, really love it. From “Go Art. Fotor

Gosh and this, just love it, love it. The best thing of all is, that’s for free, you want to take of the watermark, subscribe and voila, you have your own work of art so personalized and fabulous. And the best of all, in a matter of seconds.

My NFT Collection

I also want to create a NFT collection of my self, my image, could it be? I want to have thousands of unique variations and combinations of my image, first of all. Each one will be an individual piece, with it’s own value.

Will have them as psd portraits, gifs, and I want to learn to do it by myself, the down side element is that I don’t know any coding, yeap. Thanx to AI NFT art generators it is solved, then mint and sell it, yyyaaayyyy.

One more try so funny

This last one, I’ve used “Night Cafe” a lot, you can see it in my other AI Art posts, I uploaded one of my pictures and prompted spring, well great version, the original is down here.

What you think about it. Really top imagination an creativity. But, while rendering it, the AI suddenly had an idea, to turn me into a mustached guy with glasses, are you kidding me. Of course I evolved the creation and wrote, spring as a prompt.

See? Why, Why? I love the sweatshirt thou. And who’s room is it?

There are lots of sites to look, have fun, be creative!!!!

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