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Does Light Orchid and Champagne colors say something to you. Or Turquois Blue with Half Colonial White colors say something to you? Well they must, because color palettes are nowadays a universe of tones, hues and saturations. Defined by percentages and code numbers, colors are not only what we see, but what we measure. You can generate a palette in a matter of seconds from a photograph or from lists of RGB calculations, HEX, CMYK, HSV, and HSL. And more than that, you can create gradients and your own personal palettes too.

Deep Blush

HEX: #E180AA
RGB: rgb(225,128,170)
BIAS: 90%


HEX: #9D01A2
RGB: rgb(157,1,162)
BIAS: 100%WCAG Ratio: Fail (2.66:1)

Do you need a color palette for your brand presentation. Get into Huemint it’s not just a color palette generator, it will help you use the colors in the best way. Or maybe you need a color matcher Designs.AI is so much fun. We saw Hotpot when we talked about AI Graphics and design in another post, they also have AI color generator, you choose from a wide range of colors to generate palettes, matching gradients, different backgrounds for color text (text BG), tint of the same color base, and matching shade colors.

When not knowing with what color you should start your design use the random feature, you can find it in most of this sites, helps a lot when lacking inspiration. More than that you can Google your inspiration too, choose a HEX color and search it, in seconds will generate a color picker that can be modified to your taste, and you get all the numeric values you need to work with.

Even more, you want to analyze a color?, ColorHexa does it. And finally my favorite site to search for palette colors and mostly inspiration Designspiration.

So get back to work, have fun!!!!!!

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