Moving or How to Live Inside a Moving Box

I have to move again, well, I knew it will come my way at some point. Moving into a new house is no easy task, expensive and a time-consuming process.

The only way that you can make your move easier is to live inside a moving box, yeap!.The easiest way of all is by living out of a moving box for some time before and during your move.

Well I mean, just save the essentials for a while on a side and pack everything as it is, not selecting, not classifying, nope. Just pack your life as it is now. I mean take everything, you will have time later to select, throw away or donate.

I know, it’s totally the opposite of whatever decluttering theories and systems say, but believe me you can do it later in your new house. Oh! If you find again yourself full of clutter, well you moved isn’t it? You did it.

Declutter from your boxes to the trash, or donate, it’s already in boxes.

This is my personal opinion, take it or leave it. And believe me I relocated to different countries, already three times, containers, with family and all. Moved also, so much times I lost count.

Just wish me luck !

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