Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine Event 2023

Introduction: What is the Snow Miku and Rabbit Yukine Festival?

“SNOW MIKU 2023” is a festival in which “SNOW MIKU (Hatsune Miku)” enlivens Hokkaido.

Hokkaido, the “SNOW MIKU” festival has been held in Hokkaido every year since 2010.

For its 14th year, the festival will feature various events in which people can enjoy Hokkaido.

Snow Miku is the virtual character for this event.

Cristal white and light blue Miku costume snow inspired.

And Rabbit Yukine!!!! so cute!!! Pet character’s Snow Miku

Snow Hatsune Miku costume designs. They are all so cute.

Costume draft for Snow Miku 2023 the pastel colors!! Love it.

Who is Hatsune Miku?

She is a singing voice synthesizer featured in over 100,000 songs released worldwide.
Hatsune Miku means “The first Sound from the Future”.


Age16Favorite GenreJ-Pops, Dance-Pops
Height158cmFavorite Tempo70~150BPM
Weight42kgBest Voice RangeA3-E5

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