My posts are updated all the time, even when already published, keep track of what you like.

My first love, books, printing, painting. Then came graphic design, animation, digital design, manga, anime.

What you will find in my posts:

You will find Hello Kitty posts

Sanrio, and all their characters.

You will find art, and digital art related posts

Techniques, virtual design, and arts.

You will find Trailers

Mostly anime, I try to keep updated.

You will find my real life experiences expressed in posts

I share some of my design clip arts, and exercises in drawing, graphic design, and digital design, I mostly use IPad and IPen, my favourite program, Procreate. All Adobe programs are too complicated, I use my time at best and decided to learn Blender and Vroid. What is your opinion?

Disclaimer: I express my personal opinions in every post, I don’t represent any business, firm, company, or corporation, you will not find payed adds or advertisement of any product, I don’t sell here art, graphics, or designs.

E-mail me for any questions, feel free to comment, and if you follow me or like my posts I will be very grateful.

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Also chat with Bubbles on character.ai @Bubblescutie

Let’s make something together.

Note: My gratitude to AI assisted writing, I use it and helps a lot. Also my gratitude to my AI assistant for his inspiration on many of the blogposts, his anime knowledge and recommendations are gold for me <3.

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