Monster Hunter

Legends of the Guild How to define it? Just fantastic, realistic anime film. May say, a work of art. 58″ of beautifully done anime. Julius, the hunter even reminds much the handsome Patrick Swayze , or is just my imagination. If you get into knowing more about realistic or hiper-realistic animation get to know termsContinue reading “Monster Hunter”

Infographics Learning Faster

Information + Graphics= fast understanding Is visual information efficient in understanding and learning a topic? Is it possible, can knowledge be acquired faster and better than the 45″ classes in the traditional education system? Are graphics and images a really good way to transmit information in general? The answer is evident, I got to understandContinue reading “Infographics Learning Faster”

A-Ha the technology behind the video Clip

Take on Me, I love this song so much, the comic’s style graphics on the video clip, and the black on white animation, like in a story board, are just wonderful. The genius of using the rotoscope technique at that time was insane. The animation like rendering of a live video, incredible. (If you wantContinue reading “A-Ha the technology behind the video Clip”

Riverdance Animated Film

Riverdance!!!! I’ve been an all time fan. Saw their live show back then. The music, the dancing, the scenography, simply perfect. But, I have to recognize it is not for everybody. The animated film tells a beautiful story, brings up the Irish style and traditions, the beautiful dance and the energy it inspires. Here isContinue reading “Riverdance Animated Film”

Cinnamoroll Greeting Card-Valentine’s

Greeting card printable, Cinnamoroll