Thermae Romae Novae Trailer

It will be fun…Lucius Modestus, finds himself between past and future. Thermae Romae Novae “The Roman architect Lucius is transported through time to modern-day Japan, where he learns about Japanese bathhouses and uses this to his gain back home.” Get the Manga Here worth reading. // The music: “Opera singer and actor Paolo AndreaContinue reading “Thermae Romae Novae Trailer”

Altered Carbon, both Series

The live action and the anime, shut up, both are great. Although they are not new, and the anime is a follow up of the first, it is a great idea to give them a relook, or a resleeve… before they crumble into dust. Humankind with the advanced technology becomes immortal in the year 2384.Continue reading “Altered Carbon, both Series”

Bubble Anime Series Trailer

in2022, anime, bubble, series, trailerTags:anime, bubble, series, trailerEditBubble Anime Series Trailer What you should be watching next? Best anime of 2022? “The film will first have early screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2022.[1] It will then be followed by its worldwide release on Netflix in April 2022 before being released theatrically in Japan in May.[2][3]“ Want to know more? More here

Speaking of AI Art Generator

Can you spot the difference?? The lower one was made mixing to images, one was a base of juicy oranges, the other an image from Tatsu dessert, from the Househusband series, with the AI help we got a beautiful mix. This took me 1 minute. It’s fun. But… can there be AI art? can AIContinue reading “Speaking of AI Art Generator”