Cogimyun Sweet and Weekend Pastel Craze

Hi there, It’s me Bubbles: This weekend it is all about pastels. Enjoy!!!!!!! I upload the pastels palette to my drawing pad, and select each color, to create a pastel palette of my taste and liking, ready to use in my art work. Also a use a very light color for the line art soContinue reading “Cogimyun Sweet and Weekend Pastel Craze”

Kawaii Art Pastels

The essence of the Kawaii term is cuteness, charming images and style, with small baby like proportions, soft, simple and cartoonish. The secret is in the palette you choose, and soft colors are more appealing in this case. the rule is bright pastels in rainbow like spectrum. They give a sweet and soft ambience. KeepContinue reading “Kawaii Art Pastels”

Hanukka Coloring Page

Pagina para colorear de Januka דף צביעה לחנוכה Free download and printable. While printing just give a like. Happy Holidays!!!!!! להדפסה Imprimir gratis