The Battle for the Pixel

Yayyyyy I got my trophies: Final Canvas and First Placer, been there. Or Reddit Place Event. It’s a Reddit experiment named “Place”, (for who that maybe was in another planet this days) consisting of a blank canvas with infinite pixels to create, and be creative. The catch, you may ask, well, you have to waitContinue reading “The Battle for the Pixel”

NFT’s and the Virtual Metaverse Space Galaxy Exploration

Games and Projects. From CryptoKitties, to Space !!!! All projects are based on blockchain technology. Axie Infinity The graphics are so cute!!! I want to collect and trade all the Axies now. Monster breeding and generations creating creatures, fun game. Dark Eye Project. It is the launching of multiple NFT collections, and machines on Ethereum, toContinue reading “NFT’s and the Virtual Metaverse Space Galaxy Exploration”