Color of the Year 2022

Designers, pay attention, children also, people in general. You will see this color everywhere, I personally love it. Blue-violet cold tone.

I don’t promote (No paid promotion) them, they are a very helping hand when designing, if you want to learn more :

Pantone is a great tool in creating beautiful palettes for your design work, digital art, graphic design, digital art and many more creative activities. Also know what is trending in arts, advertisement, fashion and all over the design world.

It’s a window to great inspiration, use their wide library of colors, use color matches, and integrate vibrant colors to your creative art, explore and apply their knowledge to your life, workplace, hobbies and much more.

Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Cute and loving coloring pages, remember they are for personal use only: free to download and print, have fun!!!!!!!

Hello Kitty Valentine’s

Dia de San Valentin, paginas para colorear.

יום האהבה דפי צביעה של הלו-קיטי

Solo para uso personal: para imprimir :Sanrio

Hello Kitty and Friends Season 4

Follow this super cute adventures on Youtube for another fun season!!!!! Yaaaaayyy

Las nuevas aventuras de Hello Kitty y sus amigos, 4a temporada en Youtube!!!!! Buenisimo!!!!!

עקבו אחר ההרפתקאות הסופר חמודות של הלו-קיטי וחברים ביוטיוב לעוד עונה רביעית מהנה!!!!! יאאאאיייי
All episodes are here!!!

Hello Kitty Youtube Channel

Hello Kitty and Friends Season 4

S4-E1Pochacco’s Goals!!!!! very inspiring, love it.

S4-E2 My Melody’s Mer-Adventure:

S4-E3 Adventures in Pochi-Sitting

S4-E4 Chococat’s Mini-Golf Trick Shot

S4-E5 My Faire Badtz-Maru

S4-E6 Kuromi’s Sweet Valentine

S4-E7 Give Pompompurin a Break

S4-E8 My Melody Relax-athon

S4-E9 Hello Kitty’s Overdue

S4-E10 Kuromi’s Girl’s Day Toy Hunt

S4-E11 Kuromi’s Ghost Adventure

S4-E12 Pochacco’s Super Fun Run

S4-E13 Missing April Fool’s Day

Sanrio Super Cute Adventures

Hello Kitty Super Cute Adventures

Sanrio Friend of the Month: Pochacco

More Goodies and Printables

My Melody Cute Paper Flowers

My Melody paper flowers

Free fun activity.

Make this sweet paper flowers: here you can find the tools and materials. Card stock and pompoms, have fun!!!!!!!!!

Also good for Valentine’s Day decorations.

Baby Gender Reveal

baby gender reveal

The anticipation in our family has never been higher, two babies. To make the experience even more special, they prefer to keep the discovery unknown for a while, …barely three days. We finally got it.

After must boys in the family, we are very happy to see everything in pink, so I believe, not that it matters so much, really.

But here’s what really matters: At the end of the day, the babies are coming soon, for the spring, like little flowers, healthy and happy. And when they get here, they’ll be loved equally as anybody, no mater gender or cloth color, they will be just fine.

My Summer in a Winter Day

Bringing some Sun to My Day

Summer animated Gif

I forgot about winter for a while, felt the hot temperature, the vegetation around me, insects and flowers, blue skies and orange rays of scalding heat.

No doubt I love summer so much. Plunge into some summer temperatures, feel the sun.

Valentine’s Day Hello Kitty Printable Cards

Hello Kitty Valentine’s

Tarjetas de San Valentin

כרטיסי ברכה ליום האהבה

Get here lots of Valentine’s love cards

Printables and lots of mobile wallpapers

My Valentine

Hello Kitty Paper Doll

Muñeca de Papel de Hello Kitty para imprimir

להדפסה-בובת נייר של הלו-קיטי

get the printable here:

Hello Kitty Paper Doll

More paper goodies like this here: Chococat, Pompompurin, My Melody, Kuromi, Aggretsuko, Gudetama, and more. Also mobile wallpapers.

Sanrio, free printable, new arrival.

Sanrio in Pinterest

Hanukka Coloring Page

Pagina para colorear de Januka

דף צביעה לחנוכה


Free download and printable.

While printing just give a like.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Hanukka coloring page


Imprimir gratis

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