Neon Dance Animated Gif

Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. It’s been a long time since I last made a post with my designs, just been too busy with other stuff.

I hope you like this animated gif, as a neon dancing trend is so much fun to create.

I used as a basis, a royalty free simple dancing gif, separated the layers using procreate, and one by one treated them, colored them with the Glitch adjustment on artifact mode. I used some 34 layers in total and then saved it as an animated gif again.

It’s not a complicated process and anyone can do it, it’s so much fun!!!!

The Tale of Outcasts Anime Trailer

The Tale of Outcasts manga now turned into anime, to air in January 2023.

Wisteria, an orphan girl living in a corner of the British Empire, at the end of the 19th century. Her life is desolate and bleak–until she encounters Marbas an immortal being who shares her loneliness.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

Ending theme.

Interesting that the lyrics are almost like a coding program.

Mili-sustain++; / Ghost In the Shell: Sac_2045 Ending Theme

If abstraction is

The definition of beauty

Are those of us chasing after clarity

A representation of ugly?



There is no crime in ideality


Can’t you understand me?

I’m not mine NAND I’m not yours


This could end right here

If you don’t let it out

Let it out

Give up or give me your all

Tell me now!

Tell me now!..

If we can be completely simulated

Do we need a real reality?

Don’t let words die, let love run dry

Like what we did to the rivers we killed off in our near future


And mumble some stupid stuff


“I saw it coming”

Pretend it’s not happening

Us losers do nothing so winners keep winning


Fetch your leash


Show me

Your belly



Okay, eat


g 0 0 d b o i

Here’s a treat


We are searching

Following our human instincts

Looking for ghosts of the non-existing kind

Who make us whole from the very beginning

We keep chasing

Dreaming about the perfect being

Perfect parents who are non-existing

Our bodies grew, our minds stayed the same

Now darling, where do we go from here? (3*)

Darling, darling

Hey honey, where do we go from here? (2*)

Now darling, where do we go from here? (2*)

To where?



That’s the only vocabulary you need


Can’t you understand me?

You turn my screen #0000ff

We could end right here

If you’d just let us fall

Let us fall

No tears, no regrets

No zero-days at our fault

Hear me out

It’s a perfect plan!

If you’d just…

SHUT UP (2*)

Then maybe you’ll see what I’ve endured now

Hear me out


It’s all just sunk cost, I know

But I’m not ready to stop

I don’t want to stop

Weathering with You-Suzume no Tojimari Movie Trailer

Weathering With You. Tell me why I haven’t seen this beauty. Music by Radwimps.

Romantic fantasy film, from 2019, Inspiring animation, graphics and design, by Makoto Shinkai. To air by November 11, 2022.

Everything Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma!! He is so cute!! So kawaii !!!!

San-x cute Rilakkuma always in a relaxed mood, a stress free character. Together with his friends, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma. Follow them for their sweet adventures.

Coloring pages yaaaay!!!

Paginas para colorear siiiii!!!!!!!

דפי צביעה ישששששש!!!!!

Meet Kyuu Chan the Wonder Cat Manga

Kyuu Chan An adorable, full-color manga about a young man who rescues a cat… and the friendship that blossoms between them.

Fascinated by this series of manga books so cute and fun to read!!!!

Find the manga online here

Argonavis the Movie: Axia | Official Trailer

Argonavis“. This anime film will open on March 24, 2023. The new film shines the spotlight on Gyroaxia, the five-member band hailing from Sapporo.

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