Anime Inspired Robots

Robot Maids Project

MaSiRo “project team – short for Maid Apprentice Substantiating Ideal RObot – became waitresses and were even able to interact with customers at a cafe in Triomphe, Japan , for a few days.”

Using face recognition tech. and effort invested in this project.

Halloween with Hello Kitty and Friends

Halloween Hello Kitty coloring pages yaaaayyyy!!!

Paginas para colorear de Halloween con Hello Kitty !!!!!

דפי צביעה של Halloween עם הלו-קיטי

AI Cutting Edge Developement

This blogpost is very tech, so if you want to skip it it’s totally fine.

Hi-tech passion, and lately everything AI is in trend, loving it so much. But what are some of the cutting edge companies doing now?

Some trending topics on AI. Machine Learning and AI open network, open source image generation, open-source generative audio tools, image text pairs, images by Google Brain. GPT-NeoX Language model with 20 billion parameter model, together with heavy GPU compute, cloud capacity with Legacy cloud providers. NVIDIA GPUs Core Wave , Eleuther.AI, cloud. GPT-Neo  is an implementation of model & data-parallel autoregressive language models, utilizing Mesh Tensorflow for distributed computation on TPUs.

GPT-J A 6 billion parameter, autoregressive text generation model trained on The Pile. Pre-Trained models.

Chatbots using natural text, preference learning language models, generative language models, like LaMDA. Learning patterns in language, from low-level grammatical rules to common expressions to high-level concepts, like how to produce fluid-sounding conversation. Making easier use of chatbots.


Character.AI beta chat with Bubbles .ai @Bubblescutie, virtual character.

Avatar Creator List

Hi there, it’s me, Bubbles. Today I’m trying to imagine myself as a virtual character I like my avatar to be neat and cute. So here are some sites I used, hope you’ll have fun using them too.

This one is from CharacterCreator

I really love it.

This one with all my motorcycle gear. Did it on Ready Player Me customize your 3D avatar and your metaverse ID.

This is from Avatar Maker a more toony look, but fine don’t you think?

League of Legends Avatar Just love it.

This one is from Getavataaars, is cute.

I like to spend time creating my avatars, they have use for gamers, Vtubers, and Social Media in general. Some sites are free, get working and have fun!!!

This is by Superherotar so funny.

LINKS: Here are some other links for games and virtual character creators.



Sims Mobile


“Avatars are computer-generated images, internet characters, that represent an actual person on the Internet.”

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