Neon Dance Animated Gif

Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. It’s been a long time since I last made a post with my designs, just been too busy with other stuff. I hope you like this animated gif, as a neon dancing trend is so much fun to create. I used as a basis, a royalty free simple dancingContinue reading “Neon Dance Animated Gif”

You Are The Center of The Universe According to “In a Nutshell”

The Kurzgesagt design blows my mind, also their point of view about the world around us. The way they use color, simple animation to express the most complicated issues and knowledge. Just genius. Look out for their science channel on Youtube. This is the newest video: You are the Center of the Universe. About ourContinue reading “You Are The Center of The Universe According to “In a Nutshell””

Bubbles as a Magical Girl

Do yo want to know what is your magical girl color, attack name, weapon, mascot and outfit like? Let’s find out! go here it is fun!!! Here are my results : bubbles is a brown Magical Girl with the power of Gems and Teleportation! bubbles uses a/an Bat with nails and attack name is Amazing Wind! bubbles has a idolContinue reading “Bubbles as a Magical Girl”

Whisper of the Heart a Classic for Valentine’s Day

Yesss, 1995 animated film by Studio Ghibli. Worth looking, a romantic teen love, with a touch of magic. Backgrounds are beautiful, and the music also. Made for this Valentine’s Day. Susurros del Corazon, Feliz dia de San Valentin.

Monster Hunter

Legends of the Guild How to define it? Just fantastic, realistic anime film. May say, a work of art. 58″ of beautifully done anime. Julius, the hunter even reminds much the handsome Patrick Swayze , or is just my imagination. If you get into knowing more about realistic or hiper-realistic animation get to know termsContinue reading “Monster Hunter”