Create Avatar Games

Everskies Create your avatar and live and play inside this virtual world. ” Zepeto lets users meet friends, customize outfits, hairstyles and virtual homes using 3D avatars. Developed by South Korean app developer SNOW, ZEPETO app now ranks first in the social networking category in iOS App Store.” Ready Player Me Create your own NFTContinue reading “Create Avatar Games”

Virtual Character Creator List

Hi there, it’s me, Bubbles. Today I’m trying to imagine myself as a virtual character. So here are some sites I used, hope you’ll have fun. This one is from CharacterCreator I really love it. This one with all my motorcycle gear. Did it on Ready Player Me customize your 3D avatar and your metaverseContinue reading “Virtual Character Creator List”

Meet the VTubers

Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. Today I want to talk about this phenomenon called VTubers, I wish I could be one, although I’m still in the designing stage, long hours of design, wait ahead. But lets see some of the VTubers out there. What a VTuber is: So, are you numbered with the fewContinue reading “Meet the VTubers”