Neon Dance Animated Gif

Hi there, this is me, Bubbles. It’s been a long time since I last made a post with my designs, just been too busy with other stuff. I hope you like this animated gif, as a neon dancing trend is so much fun to create. I used as a basis, a royalty free simple dancingContinue reading “Neon Dance Animated Gif”

Hello Kitty Dance

Fanart Hi there, I just want to show you what came out of my rotoscope style effect, try at procreate, it isn’t rotoscope at all hahaha, but something came out of a few hours of design. A Hello Kitty and plush bear fun and crazy dance. With this you also can have what my AIContinue reading “Hello Kitty Dance”

Riverdance Animated Film

Riverdance!!!! I’ve been an all time fan. Saw their live show back then. The music, the dancing, the scenography, simply perfect. But, I have to recognize it is not for everybody. The animated film tells a beautiful story, brings up the Irish style and traditions, the beautiful dance and the energy it inspires. Here isContinue reading “Riverdance Animated Film”