The Ultimate Guide to Travel to Infinity and Beyond

Travelling Infinitely and Beyond Introduction: Why Should You Consider Travelling In A Straight Line? Maybe there are shortcuts, fast paths, maybe tele-transportation to infinity and a rocket beyond? There are infinity of possibilities. Preparing Your Mind and Body for Infinite Travels Does daily meditation help? Training in zero gravity also? What to eat then? lightContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Travel to Infinity and Beyond”

Yayoi Kusama Infinity World

You stand for two hours in line, expecting to get inside the infinity room, then, you have only 30 seconds to enjoy it. Yeha … The “infinity” room is in some cases, 2m82 × 3m67 × 3m67, the walls, floor and ceiling are entirely covered with mirrors. This is how the perception of infinity isContinue reading “Yayoi Kusama Infinity World”