Gothic Fashion and Gothic Lolita Trend

Gothic Fashion :Are you into dark fashion? The wicked vibes run under your skin, are you into the dark and mysterious, watch vampire series and movies? Watch gothic anime, read gothic manga, and video games gothic themed? Is your wardrobe totally black, piercings are a must? Gothic fashion style is a subculture of punk rockContinue reading “Gothic Fashion and Gothic Lolita Trend”

Kawaii Style Trending Fashion

What makes this style? Princess style, fairy tale inspiration including: Lace lots of, pastel color ribbons, frills, cute prints with bunnies, kitties, strawberries and peaches. Cotton Candy palette colors. Bows on cute hairstyles and dresses. Very kawaii. Angelic Pretty Liz Lisa Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice and the Pirates: Event November 2022.

PonPonPon and Kiss Back in Time

Or why I started liking everything in the subculture of the cute and Kawaii. This is the origin Pnponpon by (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) Few of you me know her, she was the starting point in this escapism, down the rabbit hole for me. I can’t believe it’s been ten years of this fantastic world. AndContinue reading “PonPonPon and Kiss Back in Time”