On 7/2 (Sat.) and 3 (Sun.), idol artists and virtual singers will gather at the online live festival “xR ARTISTS SUPER FES 2022” where you can experience new experiences like never before. Physical condition, VWP, will appear! Meet the artists of the Superfes 2022 Liella LoveLive! School Idol Club DiverDiva

Honeyworks and Chico Anime Music

 HONEYWORKS is a Japanese VOCALOID musical group. The group started uploading their original VOCALOID songs online to NicoNico in 2010 and began to collaborate with singer CHiCO in May 2014 HoneyWorks’ songs have been featured as opening and ending themes in much of the anime television shows you have seen. Boruto opening, live and anime version.

Bubble Anime Film with Music by Eve

2022, anime, bubble, series, trailer :anime, bubble, series, trailerEditBubble Anime Series Trailer What you should be watching next. Highly recommended. Incredible animation film, breath taking artwork. Beautiful story telling. You will really love it. And music by Eve, even better. “The film will first have early screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2022.[1] It will then be followed by its worldwide release on Netflix inContinue reading “Bubble Anime Film with Music by Eve”

PonPonPon and Kiss Back in Time

Or why I started liking everything in the subculture of the cute and Kawaii. This is the origin Pnponpon by (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) Few of you me know her, she was the starting point in this escapism, down the rabbit hole for me. I can’t believe it’s been ten years of this fantastic world. AndContinue reading “PonPonPon and Kiss Back in Time”