You Are The Center of The Universe According to “In a Nutshell”

The Kurzgesagt design blows my mind, also their point of view about the world around us. The way they use color, simple animation to express the most complicated issues and knowledge. Just genius. Look out for their science channel on Youtube. This is the newest video: You are the Center of the Universe. About ourContinue reading “You Are The Center of The Universe According to “In a Nutshell””

A-Ha the technology behind the video Clip

Take on Me, I love this song so much, the comic’s style graphics on the video clip, and the black on white animation, like in a story board, are just wonderful. The genius of using the rotoscope technique at that time was insane. The animation like rendering of a live video, incredible. (If you wantContinue reading “A-Ha the technology behind the video Clip”