Sketches of the Brain by the Father of Modern Neuroscience

Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spain, 1852–1934). Known as the father of modern neuroscience, a Spanish pathologist, Cajal is credited with discovering intricate functions of the brain long before the benefits of modern medical imaging.

Carried out one of the first detailed examinations of the human brain. Before we even thought about Neural Networks.

By using potassium dichromate and silver nitrate to stain neurons a dark color, leaving the surrounding cells transparent. Thinking Machines, “The stained nerve cells appeared coloured brownish black even to their finest branches.” The Golgi method.

Thus proving for the first time, and demonstrating that neurons are the building blocks from which the nervous system is comprised. The biological neural networks were discovered.

” The neuron, he concluded, must pass electrical information in only one direction. Simply from their form, Cajal deduced that nervous signals enter the neuron through its elaborate rootlike dendrites and exit through its single slender axon, and that one neuron relays messages to the next by passing information across a gap of separation, the synapse. ” The Neuron Doctrine.

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